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Aloha Beach Camp Named Top L.A. Day Camp

Aloha Beach Camp has just been named L.A.'s #1 summer day camp. CampEasy.com this week released a list of their top ten day camps in Los Angeles.

Aloha Beach Camp was number 1.

Rounding out the top 5 were:

One thing we noticed about these top five camps which may interest you: None seem to be "traditional" day camps with respect to activity themes.

Aloha Beach Camp is a beach and surf camp.

Planet Bravo is a technology camp.

Playball seems to focus primarily on sports.

And Saken is a sports camp, too.

What does this tell us?

Well, the "old fashioned" camps where kids can sing songs, roast marshmallows and do skits around the campfire may never go out of style.

But sports camps, beach camps, and specialty-themed camps are increasingly in popularity every year.

Top 10 Day Camps in L.A.

Here's a list of the Top 10 Summer Day Camps in Los Angeles from CampEasy.com

Day Camps vs. Overnight Camps --Which One's Better for Me?

Los Angeles Summer Day Camps and Sleepaway Camps for 2015. Which is better for my child?

Let's explore the differences between L.A. day camps and sleepaway camps so you have the right information to help your child have the best summer EVER!

You'd be surprised how often parents ask us whether they should pick a summer day camp or overnight camp for their kids. Our answer is generally the same every time -- it really depends on your child.

But before we get into specifics about whether a day or overnight camp is right for you, it may help to explore the difference between these two types of summer camps in case you're unfamiliar.

What's the Difference Between Day Camps and Overnight Camps?

The primary difference between these two types of summer camps is the way they operate with respect to how kids attend the camp. At day camps, kids generally arrive in the morning on a bus or van, spend the day participating in various activities with their counselors and fellow campers, then return home in the late afternoon. Most day camps in the L.A. area run from about 9am to 4pm Monday through Friday during the summer.

Conversely, at sleepaway camps, campers leave home (sometimes for weeks at a time) to actually live at camp where they sleep in cabins, tents or bunks with their camp counselors and other campers. They may enjoy both daytime and nighttime activities and eat meals in mess-halls. Sleepaway camps are also referred to as "resident camps" and "overnight camps" -- it's just personal preference as to what you call them.

Which Kind of Camp is Right for Me?

Now that you understand the main differences between sleepaway camps and day camps, we can look at some criteria that may help you make the right choice. In any case, there's a wide selection of both kinds of summer camps in Los Angeles so the likelihood of picking one your child likes is high.

Los Angeles Summer Day Camps

First, if this summer will be your first child's first camp experience, a summer day camp may be more appropriate. Attending a day camp is often a good way for kids to "ease into" spending time away from home, especially for younger ones who may be prone to homesickness or have not spent time away from their parents for extended periods. Day camps may also be favorable among older kids and teens who enjoy spending time with other kids their own age during the day, but want their nights and weekends free.

Los Angeles Sleepaway Camps

For older kids (especially those who've attended camp before),a sleepaway camp can be a great choice. However, if your child is prone to homesickness or has not spent too much time away from home without you, it's a good idea to think twice. Many sleepaway camps have strict policies of not allowing kids to call home or speak with their parents while at camp even if the child is homesick, so be prudent here. We suggest only sending your child to an overnight summer camp if you think they're emotionally ready to do so.

What are Some Good L.A. Day Camps? 

This is a tough question to answer because every child's different. Camper "A" may love one camp, while Camper "B" dislikes the same one. We suggest reading a recent blog post about how to choose the best Los Angeles summer camps for 2015.

What are Some Good L.A. Sleepaway Camps? 

As mentioned above, it's very hard to say what the "best" camps are because it's so subjective. If your daughter has her heart set on attending a ski or snowboarding camp, but you send her to cooking camp instead, then it probably won't matter if you picked the best ski and snowboarding camp in the world because that's not what your daughter wanted in the first place. Instead, we suggest asking your kids what kinds of camps might interest them this summer and start from there. In the meantime, here's an article which may help you find the best camp in Los Angeles for you.

Los Angeles Summer Camp Jobs 2015

Working as a summer camp counselor is almost a rite of passage. Everyone should do it at least once in their lives.

Many people have the impression being a camp counselor is strictly for college students. While working at camp is certainly ideal for college kids, you can have a rewarding experience working at camp at any age.

When to Apply 

Many Los Angeles summer camps have already begun hiring for 2015. Since most camp directors prefer to fill their positions sooner rather than later, it's in your best apply for a job now while it's still early in the year and camps have positions available.

Day Camp or Resident Camp

You will need to decide whether you want to work at a summer day camp or a resident camp.

If you work at a day camp, you will spend your entire day at camp but sleep at home and have your weekends off.

If you work at a resident camp, you will essentially live at camp while sleeping in bunks, tents or cabins.

Here is a website to help you find a job working at an L.A. summer day camp.

If you are looking for a resident camp job, you can try a Google search on "Los Angeles sleepaway camp jobs 2015" (or some variation) as your starting point.

Good luck!

L.A. Summer Camps

Rainy night here in L.A.. Not really summer camp weather. Quite a change from how it's been most of January! Hopefully the weather will warm up soon and things will be back to usual here at LA Summer Camps.com.

What are the Best Summer Camps in Los Angeles for 2015?

We get this question a lot: What are the best Los Angeles summer camps for kids?

Well that's not an easy question to answer because identifying the "best" camps is a subjective process.

One camper might think one camp's the best, while another child says the same thing about an entirely different camp. Everyone feels differently and has their own opinions of what makes up the best camp for them.

Every year around this time various lists start appearing all over the internet about "The Best Summer Camps" or Top 10 Los Angeles Summer Camps, etc.

Our best advice is this.

The camps you see appearing on these lists are probably decent programs, otherwise they wouldn't have made the lists in the first place.

So, read through the various descriptions on the lists.

Visit their websites.

Give them a call.

Tour their facilities.

Meet the camp directors.

After all this, chances are you'll have a good feel as to which camp or camps feel right for your child.

And guess what?

If it feels right, presto, you've found the best L.A camp for your child.

We hope you're looking forward to a great time at summer camp in 2015! :)

Los Angeles Dance Camps

Picture of two kids dancing
Get your groove on at a Los Angeles summer dance camp!
Performing arts summer camps, and particularly dance camps, have become increasingly popular among L.A. area kids. If you live in the Los Angeles area (or even just visiting) and your son or daughter wants to learn to dance or improve their skills, consider some of these possibilities:
Of course, we don't specifically endorse these camps -- they're only listed here for your convenience, and they are by no means your final options. There's many, many more summer dance camps in Los Angeles.

You can continue checking the internet and even ask your friends about other possibilities because they may know of some hidden gems we haven't even heard of yet.

Have a great time at dance camp this summer!